How to submit a Blog to Friends of Burkina Faso

FBF Web Team

Thinking of publishing a blog on our website? Please follow these steps and guidelines.


Send to
State your full name, years and place served if RPCV, or your connection to Burkina Faso if not a former Peace Corps volunteer

Writing Guidance:

Blogs are typically 600-800 words in length, but can vary.
Include 1 or more pictures with your submissions.
Include 1 or more headings to help break up text on screen. 
We can publish in English or French. Please note we cannot guarantee translation between the two. 

Possible Themes:

Need some help getting started? You could write about...

  • Your time in Burkina Faso
  • A cultural connection with Burkina in your home country
  • A cultural connection with another country while living in Burkina
  • How your work reflects or impacts life in Burkina Faso
  • Language, geography, politics, current events, and more .... so long as Burkina Faso is a major theme!