Board Elections and You!

Aaron Buchsbaum, FBF President
Aaron Buchsbaum has been FBF Board President since 2019, and has served on the Board since 2012.


Dear FBF community,

The Board Elections are nearly upon us! Some details are described below, but first: would you like be a candidate to join the Board? Please email to be part of an informational call about helping to lead FBF in to the future. Please also ensure your membership dues are current - email if you're unsure. 

Now then! As current FBF President, I wanted to let y'all know I'll be stepping down and leaving the Board. I first joined the FBF Board in 2012 (I think...), splitting the Communications role with another RPCV friend. Then I took on the Technology Officer role, and this last term as President. It's been a pleasure, it's been a learning experience, and now after 10 years it's time to go! I'm looking forward to a new volunteer gig local to where I live in Maryland, among other things.

A couple other Board members are also stepping down, while several will be running for another term.

So how does this all work? 

According to the FBF by-laws, there are 9 "Officer" positions on the Board. So, there will be 9 individuals selected to make up the Board. 

Also according to the FBF by-laws, the new Board will themselves decide who takes up which positions. This is not like voting among 3 candidates for Project Officer, 2 candidates for Technology Officer, etc. Rather, this is voting for the 9 individuals who will be on the Board, and then those elected individuals sort out which responsibilities each will carry out.

(We encourage candidates for the Board to express their preferences when elections are underway. This may help members decide what mix of folks makes the most sense for them.)

As for the elections themselves, the process is straightforward:

  1. Ensure your dues are current, which is required to have your vote counted.
  2. Keep an eye out for our official election emails and documentation, which will include the names and candidate statements of all those wishing to run for the Board.
  3. Vote!

We have not yet determined the exact election dates, but plan to be underway by mid-September at the very latest.

Who is a "good" candidate?

While the answer is of course subjective, I'd like to suggest "good" candidates have some of the following characteristics: they have a strong tie to Burkina Faso; they are willing to spend at least a few hours each month on something FBF-related; they are willing to consider the differing opinions of other Board members; they are "in it" for the people of Burkina Faso. 

Not exactly an exhaustive list, but to me these cut pretty much to the essence.

Please share this message with anyone who may be interested. Anyone can run as long as they are a dues-paying member (and ideally represent the aspects just above), and paying dues can be accomplished with the click of a button

Wend na mang d sora!