The Moringa Reseau

Moringa is the name of a “miracle tree,” originally imported from India, which grows well in savanna regions of West Africa. Food prepared containing moringa ingredients is an affordable and nutritious source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Moringa leaves and powder are a valuable and enriched food source during portions of the year when fresh vegetables are not available. In collaboration with PCVs and local farmers in the village of Ténado, FBF resources helped launch a seedling nursery in 2009-10.

Shea-Butter Entreprises

Two Burkinabe NGOs--Association ASUDEC and Association NOWON--approached FBF about collaborating with them in efforts to promote shea-butter as a source of income for women’s cooperatives in the villages of Babora-Pegora and Tiogo. FBF provided funds to ASUDEC in 2003 and to NOWAN in 2010 to purchase a hydraulic oil press in Babora-Pegora and Tiogo, respectively. The mills, in combination with ASUDEC’s and NOWON’s educational programs, provided incentives for cooperative members to collect shea nuts, process them into shea butter, and sell the butter in the market.

Post-secondary Scholarships

In 2010, FBF began supporting girls’ post-secondary scholarships. This on-going program helps finance training of young women either to become midwives, nurses, or primary-school teachers or enables them to pursue a university education. Selection criteria include potential for candidates to succeed in their studies and financial need. Preference is also given to girls from rural villages. In the past five years, FBF has supported 116 scholarships. Only one student has dropped out.