Library Resource Center

Burkina Faso’s educational system rarely, if ever, exposes students to computers or teaches them IT skills at the village level. In 2015, a PCV posted a project on the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) platform to address this vacuum in the village of Yelbouga. His proposal, developed in collaboration with the principal of Yelbouga’s middle school, created a library resource center.

Community Libraries in Rural Villages

Public libraries can make a huge difference in the lives of villagers, both young and old. School-age and school-attending youth benefit the most from their use of community libraries because the access to books enables them to deepen their education on their own. In recent years, FBF has teamed up with the Friends of African Village Libraries and Peace Corps volunteers (to build and equip community libraries in the villages of Niankorodougou (2008). Pobe-Mengao (2009), and Béléhédé (2011).