Improving Nutrition in the Village of Nebrou

Village leaders discussed the issue of malnutrition in Nebrou in the Center-West Province with a Peace Corps volunteer. The group embarked upon a plan to address this problem by committing themselves to building two gardens, one at the primary school and another at the local health center (COGES). Other goals are to educate the local population about better nutrition and local farmers about modern cultivation techniques. Produce harvested at the school’s garden provides fresh vegetables for student lunches.

The Moringa Reseau

Moringa is the name of a “miracle tree,” originally imported from India, which grows well in savanna regions of West Africa. Food prepared containing moringa ingredients is an affordable and nutritious source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Moringa leaves and powder are a valuable and enriched food source during portions of the year when fresh vegetables are not available. In collaboration with PCVs and local farmers in the village of Ténado, FBF resources helped launch a seedling nursery in 2009-10.