Introducing Computers and the Internet to Students in Koudougou

In 2012 and 2013, the Lycée Provincial à Koudougou (LPK) developed an innovative computer-science curriculum, thanks to the leadership of I.T. faculty members a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) assigned to the high school as well as some financial and technical support from the Friends of Burkina Faso. During this two-year period, over 250 students acquired basic computer skills and were exposed to the Internet for the first time. Enterprising students became teaching assistants. Others learned how to repair computers and/or helped manage the lab.

Electricity Reaches High School in Garango

The first project funded from FBF’s newly created “Projects account” in 2002 financed the costs of hardware needed to connect electrical lines at the edge of Garango to the local high school. Breaker boxes, electrical cables, and needed fixtures enabled electricity to reach every room in the school. The provision of electricity enhanced teaching and learning. Lighting became available for faculty tutoring of students, adult education classes, and extra-curricular activity in the evening.