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Jihadist Threat in Burkina Faso Village Schools

This is a pretty in-depth report  from International Business Times on scary reports of armed groups entering schools in the north of Burkina Faso  Be sure to read the whole article if you click. It may be a group of 30 people trying to stir up trouble, or it could be a stronger group with official al-Qaeda links. The West Africa director at Human Rights Watch says the Peuhl (or Fulani) look to be the target of recruiting attempts.

"Mon premier semaine" -- a tried and true PCV topic!

What makes a good PCV these days? Blogs, of course!

For those who have lived Peace Corps while in the internet age, blogs have become a great tool for virtual cultural exchange. On a whim, we found the "Daryland to Desert" blog from Ellie, and her September 2016 entry captures a lot of the feeling of being dropped off at site.

Insider's Guide to Ouagadougou!

Here is a fun article from The Guardian, tracing Jérôme William Bationo's experience in the capital of Burkina Faso. Highlights include best building, homegrown talent, best food, street style, and of course . . . best Instagram! Read the article here!

FBF Peace Prize Laureate Mogho Naaba awarded The Gold Cross

366 people freshly decorated in the National Order on the evening of December 10 at the Palace of Kosyam. Among them FBF Peace Prize Laureate His Majesty MOGHO NABA Baongho and retired General Division Zagré Billa Gerard, elevated to the rank of Gold Cross, Burkina's highest award. Eleven people were elevated to the rank of Grand Officer, 44 to the rank of Commander, the rank of Officer 100 and 209 to the rank of Knight.